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Primo Seal - Waterproof Your iPhone

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    Have you ever wondered how long your phone would survive if submerged in water? Or have you ever experienced that sinking feeling of watching your smartphone do just that? Most phones that fall into water can last a few seconds at most before the blank screen of despair appears.

    Smartphones are more than just an electronic device; to most people they are an integral part of their life.

    From work to social to entertainment and information, if you’ve ever forgotten your phone, you feel like you’re missing a limb.

    Added to this, smartphones are anything but cheap with the latest ones setting you back a lot of money.

    If you actually ‘drown’ it, you can imagine the hassle and expense of getting it replaced and retrieving all of your information, not to mention having to re-download all of your apps and programmes.

    Even if you have insurance, you can expect some delay in getting a replacement and some insurance policies won’t even guarantee that you get the same model.

    And if you don’t have insurance, then you know that it will be a pretty pricy accident to pay for.

    This video proves just how effective Primo Seal is at waterproofing your phone and other small electrical devices.

    Watch as a phone treated with Primo Seal is fully submerged in a glass of water and emerges afterwards intact and completely functional.

    Without any drying off or charging up, the phone is the same as it was before it was left in the water.
    Primo Seal is quick and easy to use and ensures that your electrical devices are waterproofed as well as scratch and dirt resistant.

    One small bottle of Primo Seal can protect up to 10 devices and is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to ensure the long-life of your smartphone and other pocket electronics.

    So never panic again if your phone gets wet, knowing that it is well protected thanks to Primo Seal.