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Adding Inhibitor Fluid to Central Heating System

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    This informative video from Trade Radiators demonstrates the importance of using inhibitor fluid in your central heating system.

    Inhibitor is a liquid added to your central heating system in order to prevent the corrosion and rusting of the metal components.

    It works by coating the surface of the metal and prevents it from chemically reacting with anything else.

    Not only does it mean that your system works as efficiently as possible, it also helps to prevent problems from arising in the future such as black sludge forming and system failure.

    In this video, James performs a simple experiment using two jam jars with an equal amount of nails in each.

    He half fills one jar with simple tap water, and in the other jar he fills one quarter with inhibitor fluid and one quarter with tap water.

    Then he leaves these jars for a month or two.

    When he returns to them, the results are impressive; the jar that included inhibitor is clean with no rust on the nails at all, whereas the other jar that contained only water is filled with black sludge with the nails all rusted.

    So as this video proves, make sure that you keep your central heating system in tip top condition by using inhibitor to maintain and protect it.

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