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Dental Implants Bristol: Iconic Dental

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    What is a Dental Implant Made From?

    Most implants of this type are made from strong and lightweight titanium.

    The root of the implant is then placed within the jawbone in order to act as a base for the replacement tooth.

    The replacement tooth will be carefully constructed in order to mimic the look of a real tooth.

    Replacement teeth are typically crafted from ceramic materials.

    That is why considering Iconic Dental for dental implants in Bristol is the correct option as we are trained specialists.

    Do Dentists Always Perform Dental Implant Procedures?

    While I do perform these procedures, with the help of my team, so do a range of other specialists.

    For example, a dental specialist who is known as a periodontist may perform these procedures and so may an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.

    Those who install an assortment of features on implants, including crown, denture and bridge designs, are called prosthodontists.

    How Long Does the Procedure Take?

    This type of procedure takes a while to complete, as it’s performed in three stages.

    After the implant is placed beneath the gums, it will need time to integrate with the jawbone.

    Usually, this integration between bone and implant happens in about three to six months.

    During this phase, whereby the natural bone fuses to the implant, you may wear a special denture or a customized bridge, so as to enjoy a nice smile during the integration process.

    After phase one is complete, the tip of the implant will be exposed from beneath the gums and a tiny metal post will be added to the implant.

    A couple to several weeks later, the new tooth will be made in order to fit your mouth perfectly.

    Once the tooth is ready, it will be placed on top of the post and secured.

    All told, it’ll take several months to move through the steps.

    Results from a dental implant should last for many years.

    However, there is no set amount of time, as every case is different.

    Prices will also vary, depending on the complexity of your dental problems and/or how many implants are required.

    However, you may expect to pay between one thousand and three thousand bucks per implant

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